The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners! - How I went from a Negative Bank Account to Having $8K+ Per Days Online - In Hopes to Inspire You and Teach You my Techniques!
I had a negative bank account, a 485 credit score, and got evicted from my tiny little 800 square foot apartment. 

Then 12 short months later I had made $485,432.55 in commissions and over $150,000 in a single month!
Hey everyone, my name is Chris Record.

I'm a lot like you.  I was always motivated to make money online, but I used to let my fear and lack of knowledge hold me back. I would buy program after program, but it always felt like I was just spending money and not making any.

I would constantly have to explain to my wife (my girlfriend at the time), why I was switching into something new when I was so passionate about something different the month before. Can you relate?

After years of trying, we eventually hit rock bottom. We found ourselves with a negative bank account, our credit was ruined, and we were getting evicted from our apartment.

To make matters worse we got into a car accident that week and I got whiplash as a result. We couldn't afford a good lawyer, so we ended up losing the case even though we were rear ended!  Our life was completely falling apart.

It was time to chalk up entrepreneurship as a loss and move back home with parents.


Should we give it another shot?  My good friend George called me with yet another opportunity he had found to make money selling stuff, and I reluctantly checked it out, but that opportunity ended up being a life changer.

As unrealistic as it sounds, I miraculously was able to generate leads online for that sales opportunity and invite them to watch sales presentations, and within one full year I had sold over $1,000,000 of that company's products and earned over $485,000 in commissions as an affiliate!

I wish the story was perfect from that point forward, but that affiliate offer ended up losing momentum and everyone started struggling to make new sales. I found myself "stuck" at this level and not able to break through and keep growing. Things began falling apart again, and I began losing my confidence in the process.

Then, one afternoon in a park in Washington D.C, everything changed...

My millionaire friend Chad told me something that day, that I have never forgotten. 
"Millionaires Become Millionaires Because they Find 
Multiple Ways to Make Money Doing What They Are Already Doing"
Have you ever heard something that just "clicked" with you.

For me, that was the moment where I realized I had 10X more potential than I was currently using, and I knew it was immediately time to make a change.
Why is it that 2 people can do the exact same thing, and get 2 different results?
Have you ever felt like you are doing everything you are taught, but for some reason you aren't getting the results that others are getting doing the exact same thing?

You aren't alone.

This is very common in our industry.  Where there is information everywhere, and people are constantly taking action, but for some reason not getting BIG results.

Product after product, software after software, webinar after webinar...

Yet another year goes by and you sit down with your spouse and have "that talk" where you defend your passions and your dreams and convince them it will work soon.
"One definition of insanity is 
Doing the Same Thing Over and Over 
and Expecting a Different Result"
Most people think this is just a fancy cliche, so they skip right past the meaning.

But there is a lot of TRUTH in this statement, and if you take time to fully understand this right now, it can potentially change your entire life for the better.

You are probably a very hard worker.  You are probably very busy.  You are probably just as deserving of success as the next person.  And it's DEFINITELY your time.

But first, you might need to STOP your current marketing plans completely. Because there is a good chance that what you are currently doing will keep getting you the results that you are currently getting.

If you want different results, you might need to start doing different things. You might need to start focusing on INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES that actually work.

The good news is that I've developed a system that you can follow, where you can model after my success, and start focusing on working Smarter not Harder.

The foundation of Income Producing Activities are the 3 C's of Online Marketing
Create Traffic. Capture Leads. Convert Sales.
Sales are obviously the most important, because that is where you generate income. 

We don't have money printers in our house, or any money trees in our backyard. So all your "income" will come from money already in circulation. Think about this.

This is extremely important to understand because most people are afraid of selling.

You see, there is an emotional dillemma when it comes to collecting money from others, but think about it, that's what you are already doing and have been doing for your whole life and you probably just need the right perspective.

In order to earn income, you HAVE to get it from someone else. Every single dollar you have ever had in your hand has come from someone else. And you had to "sell" them on why they should give it to you.

If your goal is to create wealth, you have to embrace the fact that your wealth will come from other people because money is already in circulation.  People don't just walk around giving their money to other people, and if they do, it's likely because they were "sold" on it from that person.  If you want to earn BIG income, you must SELL.

The homeless guy on the corner is "selling you" when they ask you to donate money to them, or you are "selling yourself" on why you should give that person money, but a sale is being made either way.

The job you currently work at required you to "sell" your skills and talents to that employer in order for them to pay you money to help you with your bills every single month, and that employer might have even had to "sell" YOU on working for them.

When it comes to selling online, you will be accepting payments from people around the world, who are willing to part with their income for a product or service that they feel is worth it, but those people must be sold first

The better you get at selling, the more wealth you can create, to a point where money is no longer an obstacle in your life and you can have more choices and freedom.

You MUST come to the understanding that in order to "make money", it must come from someone else who gives it to you for something in exchange. Embrace that fact.

Once you get comfortable with the concept of selling, then you are ready to step into a brand new world of online marketing that can create massive wealth, and introduce you to an elite league of A-Level players who are market shifters and game changers.
"Become a Master at Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads, and Converting Sales, and you can Generate Unlimited Wealth"
Create Traffic. Capture Leads. Convert Sales.
The next step is to get focused on Building an Email List. Not just any type of list. But a Highly-Targeted Massive List! A list that will actually buy when you promote offers.

Everything you do online should be centered around the idea of building a list. And these days there are so many tools and resources to make this happen that it's a dream come true window of opportunity for you.

There are 3 types of lists that you must start building immediately.
  • Email Opt-In List
  • Retargeting List
  • Social Media List
Your email list will be your bread and butter.  When you build this the right way, and scale it into the thousands, then you are always just one-click away from generating a huge payday for you and your family.

Your top focus should be to funnel visitors from all sources into a lead capture page. 

When you build up a big database in your email autoresponder, and your social media profiles, and your retargeting lists, you will become a super affiliate machine that is unstoppable when it comes to promoting offers.

You can dominate leaderboards, you can win big cash contests, you can make huge industry connections with millionaires by sending them tons of sales to their offers, and now they are reaching out to YOU to introduce themselves!
Create Traffic. Capture Leads. Convert Sales.
Once you set everything up to start building a list effectively, now it's time to flood your pages and your funnels with tons of eager buyers from all over the world!

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. It's what we call "keeping the pipeline full". And if there was one thing to truly master, it would be scalable traffic.

This can also be the biggest trap that marketers fall into. They buy traffic from this source and that source, and quickly spend thousands and thousands of dollars on traffic that doesn't convert into any sales at all.

The "traffic sellers" will tell you that you need to optimize your pages, and that the issue is something on your side, and you might even believe them.

But the reality is that there is a TON of good traffic out there, ripe and ready, eager with their credit card in hand, and they are in almost every niche that you could imagine.

When I finally understood how to turn on a traffic pipeline into the hundreds of thousands, that's when my business absolutely exploded!
  • Facebook, YouTube, Product Launches, Google, Membership Sites, and more...
Why did I create this program?

Because I know there are other marketers like me out there. You've been through struggles, you've bought a bunch of programs, you've tried a bunch of different strategies, but nothing seems to be working - But you aren't going to give up!
"The biggest obstacle to our success is the 6-inches between our ears, our negative self-talk, doubt, and lack of belief"
You deserve success.  You deserve financial freedom.  You deserve to know what it's like to be able to create 6 figures online, or even 7-figures online. 

Life is short.  And we all wake up in the morning and put on our pants the same way. So what makes some people so different, and so able to create so much wealth?

Next time you drive through a big city, look at all the buildings.  Someone owns them.

People own all the stores.  People own all the houses.  People own all the cars.

Money is everywhere. It's all around us. Wealth is right there in front of us every single day, but yet it still feels impossible at times right?

Well I'm on a mission to change that. I'm on a mission to create millionaires!
How to Make $8,000 Per Day in Affiliate Marketing
First things first, this method is NOT about luck.It's about modeling after my exact methods that I'm using as an affiliate marketer to create six figure months.
You might be thinking - "I would be happy making six figures per year, let alone six figures per month".  And that's the first part of the mindset that we need to fix.

My first rule is for you to 10X all of your goals.  If you want to make six figures per year online as an affiliate marketer, then set your goal to make six figures per month!

Start modeling after someone who makes six figures per month.  Start doing the same activities they are doing, copying everything you can from them.  Because 99% of people end up falling short on their goals, and only end up reaching 10% of them.

So if you set your goal to make $100,000 per month, and fail by 90%, then you still made $10,000 that month, and if you keep that up it's over 6-figures per year!

Plus, in order to make $100,000 per month it requires working SMARTER not harder.

You will have to apply completely out of the box thinking, and you will have to change your mindset and unlearn some of your bad habits. And that's where I come in.

Remember my story of being absolutely broke, evicted, and negative bank account?

Well, just 8 months later I had my first $100,000 month! And $485,432.55 that year!

So what changed? What was the big shift? What was the slight edge for me?
I built a 50,000 person highly engaged list with Facebook traffic, and it generated me millions of dollars in revenue that year!
I didn't start with 50,000 leads.  I started with ZERO leads.

But my vision was to get to 5,000 highly engaged leads as fast as possible. Once I hit that goal I decided to 10X it and focus on that with all of my passion. And I did.

I focused primarily on Facebook traffic to build my list, but I also employed a strategy of multiple sources of leads, especially highly targeted FREE leads, so that I could build my list much faster and on a limited budget.

I got creative. I used out of the box strategies. I leveraged about 10 different sources for traffic and leads and it paid off.  And now I'm going to teach you all of it!

I'm also going to teach you my sales process, because it's different than what most affiliate marketers are doing out there. 

There is a reason that I rank top 5 in every affiliate contest I enter, and I finish #1 in the majority of them, even when there are people with 10x my experience in the contest.

I have a new technique, different than what everyone is doing, and it's working great!

Are you excited to learn my step by step process to start applying it yourself???
The $8K Per Day Formula is Now LIVE!
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In this session I show you my exact 3-step process I use time after time to getting BIG spending limits on Facebook™ so that you can get an advertising budget as high as $2,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more!
There is an exact process that I've been using successfully with students to help them get $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 loans through the Paypal™ working capital program - But it requires these vital steps first!
You've heard everyone tell you to build a list right? But chances are that you did build a list and it was unresponsive and didn't buy anything, or you just never really figured out how to build a list in the first place.

In this session I'm going to change that for you. You see, the goal is to build a REAL list that is engaged and actually buys stuff that you sell, but also to build a SCALABLE list so that you can grow it into the tens of thousands. I'm excited to break all of this down in this session - which could easily be a course on it's own!
When I first got started I built an unresponsive list that wouldn't buy anything.  But after applying the strategies in Session 3 I built a highly responsive list of buyers. Now in session 4 I'm going to show you my exact methods to convert sales from the list you build through proper email sequences and unique selling propositions.
Success Leaves Clues. There is a specific process that I use to hand select which offers I promote to my list, and it's something that I can teach you to model after so that you pick winner, and you promote offers that convert!
One of the huge mistakes that affiliate marketers make is by only earning the affiliate commission paid out on the initial offer they promote. This causes them to make at least HALF of what they could be making!

In this session I'm going to teach you a must-follow strategy that you will start applying to EVERY promotion that you send to your lists, and how to Double or even Triple the profits on each sale that you make!
There are only a handful of marketers that run profitable FB ad campaigns when they promote offers, and they generall only do it on the bigger launches. Meanwhile there are smaller launches every day that convert like crazy and you might be the ONLY one smart enough to rake in extra cash on profitable Facebook™ ads!
Now that you are mastering the process of affiliate marketing, you are likely meeting other top affiliates, ranking on leaderboards, sending a ton of traffic to launches, and getting your name well known out there.

Now it's time to turn it up a notch with your own launch! In this session I'll give you a breakdown of how to launch products and recruit jv's through "reciprocal promotions" to generate hundreds of thousands of visitors to your launch, generate 5-6 figures in revenues, and expand your email list with red hot buyers!
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30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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